ECOWEEK organizes its first online event! Students of Architecture, Design and Landscape Design, and young professionals in these fields, are invited to join us in an interactive 48-hour event! Experts in the field of Circular Economy will share their expertise and their work around the globe, and will engage participants in a hands-on design challenge. 

ECOWEEK events are an opportunity to meet professionals, and network with peers from around the world. 

ECOWEEK will host leading professionals in the field of Sustainable Design, Design for Disassembly, Internet of Things and Material banks, aiming to optimize circular construction practices, environmentally friendly spaces, and materials, and reuse of resources in the construction chain. Among them Jan Jonjert and Lizanne Dirkx of Superuse, The New Raw, MOR team of TUDelft, Dr. Konstantinos Giannakopoulos from Democritus Center for Scientific Research and Benjamin Gill of Bioregional

Do you want to take part? It’s free! Join us!