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The course, which will take the form of a research workshop, will examine aspects of Modern Greek urban development and, in particular, architecture,through the study of the urban planning and architecture of Patras and its surroundings during the last two hundred years, from the 'Uprising of Patras' (21-3-1821) till the immediate future.

Topics to be examined, in relation to the historic and intellectual context of each period, and the broader architectural development, include the Urban Plan of Stamatis Voulgaris, the neoclassical architecture of the city, with particular emphasis on the pluralistic period of prosperity (late 19th century), the international architectural competition entries for the great

Church of St. Andrew, the housing of Asia Minor refugees, the modernization of the 1960s, the C. Doxiadis plan for the University of Patras, the various Modernist and Post-Modernist experiments, the Rio-Antirrio Bridge, the possibilities of tomorrow (urban seafront, infrastructure, architecture,.).

The course will include a series of lectures by special guest

speakers-researchers, which will be accompanied by discussion and visits to areas and buildings in the city and its surroundings. Students will document in drawing and photography one work of historic architecture and one of modern / contemporary architecture, and will interprete it, within the context of Patras and Greek architecture.