Architect and solar energy designer. B.A. in Physics, Wellesley College, USA, Master in Architecture, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, Ph.D., Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland. Besides design and supervision of public and private architectural and planning projects, she has been involved in various research projects on energy conservation and renewable energy applications in buildings and communities at a regional, national and international level. Research collaborator, BRA, EPFL, the Hellenic National Energy Council, University of Ioannina, Ministry of Environment and Urban Development and NTUA, where she is responsible for energy retrofitting of university buildings. Has participated in numerous research programmes in the e.c. and r.e. sectors, including several EU-sponsored projects (THERMIE, SAVE, CAMUR, BUILDING 2000, APAS etc.) and other national and international projects, including IEA ECBS Annex 36 – Retrofitting in Educational Buildings. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at EPFL, NTUA and the University of Patras.