Born in Athens, 1955. Graduate, School of Architecture, N.T.U, Athens, 1977. Dr. Techn, T. U. Graz, Austria, 1985. Licensed Architect. He has translated into Greek and commented on Vitruvius’s De Architectura, Athens: Plethron, 1997- 1998. He has authored and edited books: Athens, A European Capital, Athens: Dodoni 1985 (in Greek, authored); No Limits, Athens’ sprawling Suburbs, Athens: Futura 2002 (in Greek, co-edited); The Future of Cities, Athens: Plethron 2002 (in Greek, co-authored and edited); Architecture and Dwelling: From Heidegger to Koolhaas, Plethron, Athens 2008 (in Greek, authored); Dwelling and Architecture: From Heidegger to Koolhaas, Jovis, Berlin 2009, Architecture: A historical Perspective (upcoming, in Greek), Plethron, 2013. He has authored papers on history and theory of architecture published in Greek and international journals. He has won distinctions in several national and european architectural competitions.