Professor, History and Theory of Architecture, Department of Architecture, University of Patras, Greece.
Born in Athens, 1955. Graduate, School of Architecture, N.T.U, Athens, 1977. Dr. Techn, T. U. Graz, Austria, 1985. Licensed Architect.
He has translated into Greek and commented on Vitruvius’s De Architectura, Athens: Plethron, 1997- 1998.
His books include: Athens, A European Capital, Athens: Dodoni 1985 (in Greek), The Future of Cities, Athens: Plethron 2002 (in Greek); Dwelling and Architecture: From Heidegger to Koolhaas, Jovis, Berlin 2009; Architecture. A historical Perspective. Jovis, Berlin 2014 (English); Desino, Buenos Aires 2016 (Spanish); CABP, Beijing 2018 (Chinese); Neraida, Tirana 2019 (Albanian); Buildings Used: Human Interactions With Architecture, Routledge, Abington 2019. Papers and books by the author have been used as teaching material in universities in Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, USA, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia and Portugal.
He has won distinctions in several national and European architectural competitions.
He has been partner of the consultancy firm Petra, based in Athens. Projects include Metro stations (Perissos, Athens Metro Line 1, and Kaminia, Athens Metro Line 1), Railway stations (Peiraias, National Railway station), University buildings (Democritus University, Alexandroupolis Branch), hotels, office buildings, Museums, etc.