Title: Odyssey

Aristoteles was referring to humans as social and political beings, and those who could live away from human societies are beasts or gods. Most people these days are constantly connected to social media platforms and it has become a deeply integrated part of everyday life. On the metro. People are absorbed in their own reality. They text on their phones and listen to music on their headphones. In an ever-changing world that moves and evolves so fast, people only crave to reach their destination. In this perspective one would say, that the time we spend to travel, may seem as though we hit pause in our lives and it was only after we reached our destination, that we continued to live again. However, life is nothing but a wonderful journey towards our goals. Our Ithaca would hold no meaning without an adventurous trip. People entering the metro wagon get to encounter a field trip. A heterotopia that interrupts the continuity of the urban life and offers an unexpected experience for interaction with strangers and the city. Odyssey works as a rehabilitation room so that passengers can cleanse from everyday reality and the constant influence of the social media.

Contributors: Eleana Georgousi from the University of Patras, Eleni Papaevangelou and Isidoros Spanolios from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

Link: https://www.120hours.no/2018/04/the-winners-of-120-hours-2018-are/