The course `Mapping and Digital Archives' has as aim, the maintenance, preservation and presentation of Modern Greek architecture via collection, exploration, investigation and depiction. The final purpose is to create a continuously extended digital data base which elects the rich Greek architectural heritage, with considerable, (unknown or not) architectural works. The created collections will be available for educational reasons supporting the architectural teaching. The digital archives will interpret the architectural projects. The course combines methodologies of collection, classification, and representation of architectural material in digital space. The collection of elements is reported in drawings, sketches, photographs and building models as well as in notes and observations of architects and authors. The creation of digital models argues documents and clarifies the architectural work. It is important to classify and organise the assembled material in such a way that generalise itself and can be used in further investigation, analysis, treatment and presentation. In addition the determination of the contextual hierarchy, the association and the composition of the collected multiform digitized material as well as the definition of the appropriate digital applications that can interactively transit the gathered information are parts of the educational research. Final products of the course are hyper-media interactive presentations of the collected material.