P. Babasikas, Proimou

On Ghost Images

This is a recording. It has been from Georges Mèliés first broadcast of “A Trip to the Moon” in 1902 until contemporary brain-computer interfaces, tipping our means of making copies in, and of the world, over our ability to do so with no means whatsoever. Memories and impressions move from our mind’s eye to the inner retina; we become hooked on media and pathologically forgetful. The possible course of our reality freezes into the definite track of its representation. Art becomes overexposed and demystified; images hyper-defined data. Architecture dematerializes; identity is digital; androids dream of electric sheep; and the Mèliés spaceship ends up in the eye of the Man on the Moon. The class observes the aforementioned course through 12 narratives (I); it tests it on 12 augmented reality and multimedia spaces (II); and, in the process, discovers a series of Ghost Images that haunt our natural and digital memories, disturb contemporary form- and imagemaking and restore to things, against all simulation, some of their long-lost Aura. A seminar of foundation texts for architecture/media theory (III). Grading: in-class participation, presentation, 3 short essays. (I) The Garden of Forking Paths, Wild Strawberries, The Invention of Morel, Last Year in Marienbad, A Trip to the Moon, The Picture of Dorian Gray, In Praise of Shadows, Neuromancer, La Jetée, Videodrome, The Matrix, Blade Runner, Ringu, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, etc. (II) By B.Viola, S.Brakhage, G.Richter, O.Eliasson, Diller&Scofidio, SANAA, Tetsuo Kondo, Radiohead, Georges Apergis, Y.Obuchi, U.Barth, Aranda & Lasch, Smout Allen, J.Harris, etc. (III) By Aristotle, W.Benjamin, S.Eisenstein, G.Debord, M.Foucault, J.Baudrillard, F.Jameson, M.McLuhan, P.Virilio, W.Mitchell, S.Zizek, J.Corner, M.Wigley, etc.