No Memory.

Public art Works

The experience of public space depends on the coexistence and conflict between different forms of personal and collective memory. Place memory and the ways we relate to it are not stable and neutral processes but are produced by complex cultural, political and technological forces. While walking, we easily read the historical city which is offered to the gaze as frozen stage, without activating living memory. At the same time, in our everyday journeys, "nothing is more invisible than a monument". Between admiration and indifference for the monument, the city in its ordinary flickering of unimportant findings remains mute.

This semester, the public art works will focus on memory places in the city. The participants are called to base their interventions in the study of narratives and meanings associated with archives, monuments, emblems, souvenirs and other represenations in Patras. We will discuss concepts and practices of public art in relation to site and context-specificity, relational tactics, collective memory and identity. Τhe course will be held through lectures, discussions, presentation and critique of works in progress, as well as with meetings in the city.