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The course of Descriptive Geometry (Monge Method) and Perspective, in combination with that of Projective Geometry, in the first semester, is the introduction to the area of ​​Architectural Illustrations.

The aim of the courses of Documentary Geometry (Monge Method) and Perspective is to gain an understanding of the basic principles of these two Methods of Representation and Representation of three-dimensional space in two dimensions. These Methods, together with Axonometry and Altitude, are used by engineers of all specialties and especially by Architects. The principles of these Methods, which are based on Projective Geometry, apply to geometric subjects and especially to architectural objects.

The basic principles of Projective Geometry are also studied, as well as completely specific issues of this Geometry that are mainly involved in the Methods of Representation and architectural issues are analyzed which contain these principles and issues. The methods of creating shadows and self-shadows on geometric solids and especially on buildings are also being studied. During the semester, short exercises are given for elaboration and solution, as well as a topic that is delivered at the end of the semest