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Tenured, Tenure-track Faculty and Tenure-track Faculty to be Appointed

The successful examination in the courses "Diploma Thesis 1 & 2" constitutes, after the "Research Thesis", the second fundamental requirement for receiving the diploma of Architect Engineer. This certifies the student's ability to practice architecture and related fields as a designer at a sufficiently high level of complexity and depth and to conduct design research of a sufficient degree of originality.

The "Diploma Thesis" is the final integrated subject of the architectural studies and has a design research character. Its subject falls within any of the academic subjects of the School and is treated as a very important final teaching process of the studies, intended to prove the completion of the analytical and synthetic, scientific and artistic abilities of the students. It is prepared individually or by groups of two people.

By preparing the Diploma Thesis, Architecture students demonstrate their ability to identify the essence of the problems associated with architectural practice today, regardless of the scale and extent or context of intervention (geographical, social, technological, cultural, etc.). ), to solve on the basis of clear criteria complex problems by combining appropriate elements from diverse cognitive areas and to produce works with an essential awareness of their wider cultural dynamics.