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The act of Design is not a sequential process in the sense of the sequence of operations (idea, processing, application study, details) It is an iterative process in which abstract ideas are developed, examined, tested and constantly revised with the aim of producing a body of information from which a building or other structures will be constructed. On the one hand, the choices for the construction system, operating systems, materials and building elements are influenced by the initial design decisions while on the other hand, the initial design ideas will be influenced by the details and ways of construction. It's a two-way, iterative continuous effort. When we think about the original ideas, at the same time we look at the initial ideas for the details. We start with this observation, because the initial design at the level of detail (The Synthesis of Detail) is vital for the successful end result, its maintenance and disassembly and must be included in the initial ideas of the design sequence and especially in the cases of approaching the completed life-cycle to the designed environment. The Studio has a research character. We will analyze and design characteristic sections of well-known buildings and record the ways of composing details and their relationship to purpose, simplicity and complexity. We will seek to investigate the evolution of the process of composing the details and the series of decisions selected and finally we will design our own series of corresponding incisions and aspects.