The University of Patras considers it important to maintain close relations between the Foundation and those who complete their studies at it.

The Alumni Website is located at the following link

In order to achieve the continuation of the alumni relationship with the University, with all the positive implications for the extroversion and promotion of the Foundation, the Administration proceeded to the reform and updating of the Alumni Website of our University, which operates at: https: / /, while recently a graduate page of the Foundation was created on facebook:

The features offered by the alumni website are:

Graduates are informed about the University news, postgraduate programs, jobs, as well as about distinctions - awards of graduates of the Foundation.
With the alumni social network operating on the same site, all alumni (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral) can network with each other, post their CV and expand their career opportunities. Information about registering on the alumni website can be found here:

The service of the social network as well as the e-mail service (e-mail) that they had as students is not interrupted and they can use the alumni network and their email forever.
In the context of the above effort to continue the relationship of the graduates with the University of Patras, we would ask you:

  1. to inform all interested parties about the website of the University graduates
  2. for sending to the competent service (Department of Public Relations, Etiquette and Events:, new, distinctions, awards, etc. of graduates of your Department or any other information you deem useful for its graduates Foundation, in order to be posted on the alumni website.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and the Department of Public Relations, Etiquette and Events is at your disposal for any additional information or clarification.