Laser cutters
1. Vls 3.60 - 60cm x 30cm - 60watt (cutting area: 29×59 cm)
2. Vls 4.60 - 60cm x 45cm - 40watt (cutting area: 44×59 cm)

1. Send timely emails to the with the drawings in Autocad to calculate the cutting time. You save files in dwg format and dxf version 2010
2. The drawings of the plates to be cut must be on the scale of the model.
3. Perimeter is drawn the frame 30×60 or 45×60 (depending), and an offset of the frame by 0.5 cm. inwards.
4. The drawings are organized in 2 layers: red for cutting and blue for engraving (the corresponding colors are red and blue out of the 9 presets of the autocad). The perimeter frame must be on a different layer than the previous ones. It is better to avoid double lines (with the overkill command in Autocad).
5. On the day of cutting, please bring a sheet of A4 or A3 on which you will have printed all the plates to be cut in a miniaturization. Next to each sign, its scale should be indicated. The sheet must include your name and contact number.

Opening hours
The opening hours are determined on the basis of demand and upon request at the contact details listed below.

phone: 2610 962892

Fabrication Laboratory Committee
Vasilis Pappas, Professor
Vasilis Stroumpakos, Assistant Professor
Kleomenes Karakasis, Mechanical Engineer, Head of the Civil Staff, IDAH t: 2610 962892, e: