The Computer Center (CC) covers the teaching needs of applied and digital courses and functions as a space for daily study and access to research for the students of the Department.  It also functions as a repair & maintenance laboratory for all computers/peripheral devices and other media, for the entire Department of Architecture (within the reasonable limits of its infrastructure), either for faculty members, or for the Administrative Staff, thereby saving significant resources for the Department.

The CC is housed on the ground floor of Building A' - Prytaneia (entrance at the rear of the building). Only students and faculty members of the Department of Architecture have the right to use its resources and equipment. Prints are free, up to the monthly limit set by the General Assembly. Other interested parties must request and obtain permission to use it from the Center Managers.



The operating system for all jobs is MS WINDOWS 10 while for the servers it is MS WINDOWS Server 2008R2. In addition, the following basic software has been installed that serves the needs of conducting the various courses, practical training and other operational needs of the network: MS Office (Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint), Autocad, Adobe Photoshop, Chrome, Opera Browser, Acrobat Reader, GIMP, Form Z, Microstation, Generative Components, Rhinoceros, Paracloud, Grasshoper, Maya, ArcGIS (ArcMap, ArcEditor, etc.), QGis, 3DMax, , etc. The responsibility for installation and proper operation of the above software rests with YK staff , while the responsibility for using each specialized software belongs to the person in charge of the respective software. The above programs are the basic software core of every PC and any modification is not allowed. The installation of new software is done after the agreement and with the cooperation of YK officials and in accordance with its Operating Regulations.


  • 50 Desktop computers (Microsoft Windows OS) that are equipped with the latest versions of CAD design programs, etc.


  • 2 A0 sized plotters
  • 1 A1 sized plotter
  • 1 A3 sized laser printer
  • 1 A4 sized laser printer


  • A0 sized scanner (roll based)
  • A3 sized scanner
  • A4 sized scanner


  • 6 Servers (file servers, print servers, web server). The website of the Department is hosted here and they are the overall wired connection of the entire internal network and the connection of the Department to the internet. This is where the licenses for the design software are installed as well as many shared folders with digital course materials.


  • Local high speed network
  • Wifi University Network (edupass)



Instructors determine the necessary software at the beginning of each academic semester and preferably during the summer. The installation of the proposed software is done in collaboration with the center's staff. The installation of programs during the semesters, apart from multiplying the required work, also limits the possibility of analytical control and support of the reliable operation of the computers. The use of digital learning materials (notes, delivery of exercises, etc.) should be encouraged and supported – wherever possible – and printouts should be limited to what is absolutely necessary. Changes in the hours of classes held in the center's classroom must be communicated - in addition to the secretariat - to the center's staff in good time.



  • Users are provided by the Computer Center Manager with a name and password for their access to the PCs. The username & password are personal data and their distribution to third parties is prohibited. The rules of use of the center are subject to the general rules of use of the networks and spaces of the University of Patras. More information on the website of the network development and management center of the University of Patras (
  • During classes, in the training room of the center, it is not allowed to be used by other users who are not participating in the training process. During classes in the training room, the responsible teacher together with the staff of the center is responsible for its operation.
  • The center provides the necessary printing media (paper, etc.). In special cases of using special printing media, approval and cooperation with the staff of the center is required.
  • The maintenance of the printers (toner change or release of folded paper, etc.) is done exclusively by the center's operators.
  • Users must report to the staff of the center any malfunction, damage, etc. that comes to their attention.
  • Only the staff of the center are responsible for fixing the problem.
  • The prints by the students of the Department are free, up to the amount of their monthly grant, which has been decided by the General Assembly of the Department.
  • It is possible to use the center outside of its approved opening hours only when this is requested in writing and in time (at least one week before) and of course after the approval of the center managers.
  • In the area of the center, smoking is strictly prohibited, as well as the consumption of drinks, food, use of music, etc. Each user must respect and take care of the space and leave it in the same condition in which it was received. Mobile phones are not allowed to be used in the training room during lessons, while at other times they must be set to silent or switched off.
  • The center covers purely academic needs and it is not allowed to be used for other purposes (Recreation, Chat, etc.) The sparing use of printing media is required because the economy on paper, in addition to trees, also saves resources for the other needs of the center and of the Department in general.
  • The reckless use of the Internet, and especially for non-academic purposes, unnecessarily burdens the network and reduces its speed. in particular, the pointless "acquisition" of material from the Internet (download, save as, etc.), which does not refer to academic needs, significantly burdens the operation of the network and the available storage media.



  • Each student has a unique username (UserName) and a password (password) to use the network, which is made available to him by the Department's computer center, upon his first registration in the Department.
  • The first time the user connects to the network, if he wishes, he can change these details at will as well as any time thereafter he wishes. there is limited storage space and print volume. In detail, the operating parameters per user are as follows:
  • The staff of the center reserves the right to delete data records whenever this is considered appropriate for the proper functioning of the system, and obviously after timely public announcement, at least one week in advance. for exceptional cases of using the storage space for a long period of time or for a request to use a storage space larger than intended, prior consultation with the staff of the center is required.
  • The storage of files in the storage areas of the center, the transfer of files and the creation of backups are the sole responsibility of each user.
  • The implementation of the above rules will not only facilitate the work of the users, but will also ensure the proper functioning of the center.


Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 15:00
* Depending on the capabilities of the department, it is decided to extend the hours until 17:00
In the months of July & August, the schedule is posted in the school's announcements


Kleomenis Karakasis, tel: 2610 962892, e:


Vasilis Pappas, Professor
Vasilis Stroumpakos, Assiastant Professor
Kleomenis Karakasis, Mechanical Engineer, HR Manager, IDAX