The Library of the Department of Architecte of the University of Patras was founded in 1999 with the core collection of the Spatial and Urban Planning Laboratory. Today the Library includes more than 17,000 volumes and a large number of other documents, printed and non-printed, concerning architecture, urban, urban and spatial planning, art history, archaeology, philosophy, geographic information systems and other fields related to the teaching subjects and the research interests of the members of the Department.

It maintains 41 current subscriptions to scientific journals (5 of them also in electronic format) and another 40 retroactive subscriptions, which come from donations from faculty members of the Department and other organizations or institutions with which the Library maintains cooperative relations. In addition, the Library collection has: Encyclopedias, dictionaries, catalogs of exhibitions, ephemera, inserts and individual newspaper publications, copies of all research and diploma theses of the Department's students. Audio-visual material. This material is classified, cataloged and indexed thematically.

All the new books are placed for some time in a special place at the entrance of the space for the information of the users and then they are arranged by subject on the shelves. They are also entered in the main catalog of the University of Patras. At the same time, through the Library & Information Center of the University of Patras, access is provided to on-line electronic databases and sources of information as well as electronic journals. For further bibliographic research one can use the internet.



1. The Library is supervised by a Committee, which is appointed by the General Assembly of the Department.

2. Only holders of the special "User Card" issued by the BKP of the University of Patras have the right to use the Library. All students, after their first registration in the Department, should go to the Central Library, with their student ID, to be issued a User Card. With this card, they can use, in addition to the Department Library, the Central Library of the University, as well as any other departmental library. The card is also issued digitally, via the BKP website. Users have the possibility to make photocopies exclusively of the material, in the photocopiers operating within the Library. For this purpose, special cards are sold at the reception. There are also 2 search computers with 2 scanners available to users.

3. The introduction and consumption of food or drinks, smoking and the use of mobile phones are absolutely prohibited in the public areas of the Library. Users' bags should be left in the lockers located at the entrance of the Library, which are used exclusively by Library users.

4. A condition for the smooth operation of the library is that everyone obeys the regulations, respects the space and complies with the instructions of the staff. They must be careful in how they use the material and equipment. Any damage or loss of material shall be repaired or compensated by the user who caused it. For the safety of the library material, an electronic detection system operates at the exit.


1. Users can borrow up to 3 books. This number does not include documents that the user has already borrowed from other University libraries and has not returned.

2. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, audio-visual material (videotapes, CD ROMs, slides), research & diploma theses of the students of the Department as well as magazines are not borrowed.

3. The loan period for students is 7 days. In exceptional cases, it is possible to suspend the possibility of borrowing documents for a specific period of time, if requested by a teacher. During the first three weeks of each semester, the Monographs of Architects and the Collective Volumes for Residences are not borrowed.

4. The borrower must return the relevant material on time. A loan renewal is allowed for another 7 days (including by phone), as long as the time limit for returning the form has not passed.

5. The late payment penalty is 0.60 euros per working day/book. No one is exempt from the fine.

6. Users who owe the Library more than 20 euros lose the right to borrow documents. The borrower must return the material in the condition in which he received it. In any case to the contrary, he/she is obliged to replace it or pay the price of its value.

7. The competent authority to decide on any other matter of the Library's operation is the Library Committee.

Open Hours
Monday and Friday 10:00-14:00
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10:00-18:00.
The Library does not operate on public holidays, while during half-days and the holiday period the opening hours are reduced.

Library Committee
Kali Tzortzi, Assistant Professor (Coordinator)
Petros Koufopoulos, Associate Professor
Georggios A. Panetsos, Professor

Library Staff
Εlisavet Kipourgou, Librarian Msc Cultural Organizations Management, t. 2610 996189, email:
Olga Kouniaki, ETEP, t 2610 996189,

E Loan Desk-Service tel: 2610996190, e:

Postal address
Department of Architecture Library
Design Studio Σ5, 1st floor
University of Patras
26504 Rio