In pre-selected, and in part, exclusive, urban unbuilt spaces of Patras, that are in a process of change, there exist fragments of an untamed nature that lay latent in their own micro-eco-systems. They maintain a continuous process of change…a state of entropy.

The micro-eco systems are distinguishable in the urban fabric, as autonomous phyto-social structural arrangements (consisting of a network of pouches). From these spaces of special significance, potential entropic gardens can be rendered. These gardens could be linked with the idea of heterotopy, as well as with the utopian visions (eutopias, dystopias) heterochronic and nontime quests.

The aim of the laboratory is the imaginative and creative discovery of a new structural arrangement of a mechanism of maintenance, or of a mechanism of proliferation and interaction with its environment, and the environment of the city.

Organized by the Laboratory for Visual Arts.

Coordinators: Vanda Chalyvopoulou & Kostas Daflos.

Team: Panos Kouros, Vassilis Bouzas, Dimitris Giannisis, H. Boleti, Hellenic Pasteur Institute.

Student participants: Anagnostopoulou, Politimi – Maria, Anagnostou Louisa, Antonelli Christina, Karabini Nadia, Kareli Niki, Karistinaiou Euthimiatou- Ernestina, Kastani Xrysanthi, Kounavi Marina, Kouvara Roula, Niniou Thaleia, Paulidou Maria, Poulopoulou Georgia, Vourlakou Ireni

The work of the laboratory was presented at the Byzantine & Christian Athens Museum.