Nico Dockx (born 1974) works as a visual artist, curator, publisher and researcher with a fundamental interest in archives. His interventions, publications, texts, soundscapes, images, installations, performances and conversations -- which are usually the result of collaboration with other artists -- embody the relationship between perception and memory, which he interprets differently each time. He graduated from the HISK Antwerp in 2001. His work has won him a DAADgrant in Berlin (2005), and various prizes like de Grootste Belg(2005), CERA award(2005), Ars Viva Sound (2007), and Prix Jeune Peinture Belge - the Emile & Stephy Languiprize (2009, together with Helena Sidiropoulos). Since 1998 he has exhibited his work at home and abroad and has published more than forty artist's publications with his independent imprint Curious. He is co-founder of interdisciplinary projects such as Building Transmissions (2001-2013), Interfaculty (2007-…), Extra Academy (2010-…, together with Steve van den Bosch), A Dog Republic (2012-…), and la Galerie Imaginaire (2015-…, together with Sébastien Delire). He collaborates with LIGHTMACHINE agency .Together with Louwrien Wijers, Egon Hanfstingl and many other collaborations, he has been working on his PhD project The New Conversations at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerpen and which he obtained in 2014 at CAC Brétigny upon invitation of curator Pierre Bal Blanc. He also co-organized with Pascal Gielen the summer schools Mobile Autonomy (2015) and Making Public Domain(2017) with accompanied books with Valiz Publishers Amsterdam.