Archittect (AADipl 2001) / Industrial Designer (RISD BA.I.D. 1992), . Realisation of Desert Breath Land art installation in the Sahara desert /  Red sea Egypt ( as founding member of D.A.ST.  Arteam for site specific installations). Publication of work in magazines ARTFORUM, WORLD OF INTERIORS, DOMUS, ART IN AMERICA, and TV channels CNN, BBC, ANTENNA. Collaboration with various architecture practices in London and Athens. Presentation of research papers in international conferences. Participation in group shows both with architecture and visual arts projects. Participation in international architecture competitions. 3rd prize for the E.A.X.A. competion for Theatrou square (coll. Ph. Photiadis, D. Zacharias) The sleep awards 2007: Best European Hotel design Award (coll.  D. Zacharias / Diversity). Own practice founded in Athens in 2003 epanded as askarchitects in 2006 in collaboration with Stella Konstantinidis.