The request for green and the prospects of landscape urbanism

Re-Think Athens

26 March 2014

19:00 Upper Stage

// Speakers:

Julia Czerniak: Architect, Landscape Architect, Professor at the Syracuse University School of Architecture

Thomas Doxiadis: Architect, Landscape Architect, Principal of doxiadis+

Zissis Kotionis: Architect, Professor at the University of Thessaly

Chris Reed: Landscape Architect, Principal of Stoss Landscape Urbanism, Associate Professor at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Alex Wall: Architect, Partner at UMnet (Stuttgart), Professor of Urban Design at the Washington University of St. Louis

// Chair:

Gina Moscholiou: Journalist

// Event Curator:

Panos Dragonas: Architect, Associate Professor at the University of Patras

*more info at: http://www.sgt.gr/en/programme/event/1348