ECOWEEK ONLINE CHALLENGE : The 15 Year Anniversary Edition

October 2 – 4, 2020


An online design challenge for innovation that will inspire, challenge and motivate!

With lectures, design workshops and a virtual exhibition!



Dear friends,


You are invited to participate in the second ECOWEEK online challenge - a response to COVID-19 travel restrictions and the need to intensify environmental awareness and sustainable practices.


With keynote speaker award-winning French architect Nicola Delon (Encore Heureux Architectes - Venice Biennale French pavilion exhibition ‘Infinite Places’ in 2018 and the Reclaimed Circular Pavilion in Hotel de Ville in 2015 made of 80% reused building components), and 15 experts from 16 countries experts on policy, design, circular economy, biodiversity and more it will inspire and motivate you! It is organized thanks to the joint collaboration of ECOWEEK with the European network of cultural institutes EUNIC-Tel Aviv.


With 48-hour online design workshops with architects and designers from Europe and Brazil! And with a unique virtual exhibition with hundreds of sustainable design ideas generated in 200 ECOWEEK design workshops around the world!


This may be one of the most fascinating, engaging and inspiring ECOWEEK events! Don’t miss it!


Program & Registration : https://ecoweek.online/

Contact : ecoweek@ecoweek.org





ECOWEEK is a non-profit organization, established in 2005 by architect and social entrepreneur Elias Messinas, with the passion to change peoples’ habits and the mission to raise environmental awareness and to promote sustainability. Based in Greece and Israel, for 15 years ECOWEEK has been engaging, training and empowering more than 4000 students and professionals from 56 countries through inspiring speakers and challenging design workshops. ECOWEEK has become for many young professionals a unique experience and a turning point to their growth and career - website: www.ecoweek.org


Whether in virtual or physical platforms, at ECOWEEK students design and implement innovative ideas and develop their thinking in sustainability. Many ideas are implemented in cities around the world. Together we will continue to make an impact! Join us for this special ECOWEEK 15-year anniversary challenge!


ECOWEEK Organizing Team: Elias Messinas, Despoina Kouinoglou, Pavlos Symianakis, Sofia Passia, Vicky Panagiotidou, Eleni Mantika, Nafsica Mouti, Margarita Kyanidou, Ina Patsali, and Theodora Passia.


ECOWEEK Virtual Exhibition Design Team: Pavlos Symianakis, Evgenia Dickins, Mehmet Kisa, Artemis Korovesi, Foteini Masiala, Despoina-Elisavet Michaeilidi, Flaka Pergjegjaj, Clirimtare Syla, Bijona Trakaniqi, and Anjeza Vokshi.



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Elias Messinas, M.Arch. (Yale ’92), Ph.D.

Architect, Social Entrepreneur, Senior Lecturer & Environmental Consultant


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