The "Universities meet in architecture" worskhop was organised during the 12th International Architecture Exhibition, Biennale Di Venezia | People meet in architecture. Department of Architecture, University of Patras took part along with many other Universities.

Theme of the Lab:

"Time & Place of Meeting"

where the parameter of time is investigated in the architectural and urban design.

The results of the workshop were presented in Venice on October 27 (Salla delle Colonne, Palazzo Ca 'Giustinian)


E. Constantopoulos, C. Grivas, P. Pagalos, G. Panetsos, V. Petridou


P. Anagnostopoulou

Chr. Antonelli

Ι. Georgitsopoulou

Er. Kaparou

Μ. Karoutsou

Μ. Kounavi

Em. Koustae

Em. Kritikou

G. Kivernitis

G. Kotsopoulou

Αik. Labrou

Th. Margari

St. Migdali

A. Mourelatos

Aik. Bounia

Α. Nerologou

Εf. Orfanou

S. P. Pantazopoulos

Μ. Papadimitriou

Μ. Paraskevopoulou

Μ. Piroccas

R. Roussou

Αik. Salonikidi

Μ. Stamati

Αg. Sotiropoulou

Κ. Tsamis

D. Tsilibaris

Αn. Tsopelaki