Organized by Architecture Department, University of Patras

11-15 February 2013


Yannis Zavoleas (coordinator) – University of Patras

Dimitris Zisimopoulos, Architect

Vassili Pappas - University of Patras

Vasilis Stroumpakos – University of Patras

Ioanna Symeonidou – TU Graz

Design Teams:

the $trings - (E. Argurou, G. Kourakos, E. Makroglou, E. Pourdala)

pSerpantine - (I. Afentouli, Aik. Christopoulou, E. Koika, K. Tzioras)

poluNubs - (M. Iliopoulou, N. Michelis, A. Pappa, M. Pappa)

JAP_D - (Y. Kalamiotis, A. Karudi, D. Sakouli, P. Tsetsenekou)

grid$ - (K. Siska, N. Galouni, V. Chairopoulou, R. Charalampoudi)

funKtion - (F. Dimopoulou, T. Dogani, D. Kannavou)

Float(ING) Fractures - (S. Zazani, A. Moroglou, E. Papadoyanni, A.-M. Tsatsani)

curv_ing around - (M. Ioannidi, St. Kapsaski, I. Mamalaki, P. Fakiolaki)

C. Tzemou, A. Alevras, D. Andrinopoulos

The objective of this workshop is to further explore the possibilities opened up by the incorporation of computation, especially of scripting in the conception of architectural space. The workshop uses the scripting platform of MEL (Maya Embedded Language), being integrated in Autodesk Maya design software. Key concepts and techniques of parametric design are being developed, as these are also compared to more conventional ones of digital representation. Among the findings is the observation that architectural education has already embraced the digital medium in the form of a multifaceted challenge, mainly in studio research. The related experiments acknowledge the wide spectrum of approaches taking place somewhere in the borders of architectural education, also in relation to other disciplines. In respect, the presented work may be an addition to the ongoing discourse, further identifying this new field.

previous workshop: 2012 AB-USE, University of Patras and eCAADe Prague