Born in Athens in 1972. B.A. in Architecture, Yale University, USA (1995), Diploma in Architecture National Technical University of Athens (2000), Doctorate Degree University of Patras (2018), Doctoral Thesis title “Timber reinforcements in Byzantine masonry structures”. Worked for 3 years in the Directorate for Technical Research on Restoration of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, where he participated and supervised a number of research projects, and restoration designs and projects. Since 2008 works in private architecture office specializing in the historic building conservation and restoration projects. He is also proficient in the technique of photogrammetric survey of historic buildings, collaborating with a number of building conservation professionals in this respect. He has been teaching the courses of Construction Technology in the Architecture Department of the University of Patras since 2007, where he was elected Associate Professor in Construction Technology Design in 2022. Has also taught courses on Greek history and history of architecture in the Drury Center in Greece of the School of Architecture of Drury University, USA. Has been invited to lecture on cutting-edge technologies in the monitoring and documentation of historic structures in the Postgraduate Program “Archaeology, City and Architecture”, and has also applied these techniques in a number of research projects. Lastly, he has translated a multitude of papers and books on historic building conservation into English.

Besides his professional and academic activity, he maintains a blacksmithing and metalwork workshop, and participates in metalwork and experimental archaeometallurgy seminars and meetings.

Office hours: Thursday 12:00-14:00, Friday 12:00-14:00