Alumni Antonelli Eleni (2014) presented at the "International Water Association’s (IWA) Regional Symposium on Water, Wastewater and Environment: Traditions and Culture" Conference, Patras 22-24 March 2014.

paper title: "Water Management Structures in Historical Settlements: Towards a Cross-Geographical, Cross-Cultural Categorization"

authors: Eleni Antonelli, Katherine Liapi

session: Evolution of urban wastewater and storm water management through the centuries

The paper presented has been conducted in the course of the Thesis at the University of Patras, Department of Architecture (Feb '13) entitled «Υδάτινες Ιστορίες σε Οικιστικά Σύνολα: από την πηγή στην εκμετάλλευση», supervisor: K.A. Liapi.