Ioannis Karras (ALUMNI 2007)

Project Title: Crater

Description: Astronomy is a science mainly based on man's curiosity and need of discovering. In these terms, we imagine a delight place which will embody the whole in-situ exploration experience in its entity. As someone detects the "scar" on the desert's skin, simultaneously faces the initial thought: what could that be...? The museum expresses its occurred existence through a simple geometrical crater; an open room in a direct dialogue with the sky; as a declaration of human action through the simplicity of geometry elements. ‘’Behaving’’ like it was there since forever; the final architectural proposal exists as a contemporary excavation looking up to the future. We wish for a place as a destination of imagination and desire, reconsidering the whole idea of a museum as a strict institutional space; aiming on human’s efficiency through space incentives, stimulating the reactivation of human dream in terms of real excess.