Date: 12/02/14

Organisation: ΕΑΧΑ Α.Ε.

4+ Croocked Lines.

Konstanza Chadio (Alumni 2007)

Annita Koutsonanou (Alumni 2006)

Anna Liana / AUTH Alumni

Stylianos Skordas / EMP Alumni (contributer)

Nowadays the greek public space is at risk due to personal initiatives and the common urban identity gets dissolved.The limits between public and private get entangled in order to create the common.The selected area focuses on the neighborhood of Ghitia in the city of Kozani. The design proposes the pedestrianization of the streets and preserves only the road for public transportation. The development of the plan follows fragmented lines like the general shape of the city and it is structured by two main materials; a local stone (Omali) and wood (deck). As the pollution from power plants is intense in the city, the plantation aims to create an ecofriendly environment regarding pollution, sun and air circulation. The project aims to create an intimate homogenous environment for residents and visitors in order to magnetize activities on public space. The space is transformed with a continuity to urban complex in reference to fragmented qualities, hidden values, past experential memories.