The book ArchivePublic: Performing Archives in Public Art. Topical Interpositions. Ed. Panos Kouros and Elpida Karaba, published by the Department of Architecture, University of Patras and Cube Art Editions (2012), documents the art research project Archive Public (2009-11), supported by C. Carathéodory research program of the University of Patras.

Within the flexible limits of archival art today, Archive Public practices archival art as intervention in public space, questioning the dominant hegemony and allowing for possibilities of solidarity actions. The book includes theoretical hypotheses on archival practice in contemporary art, art works that were specifically created for the project, as well as an anthology of essays by contemporary thinkers who elaborate on particular issues of the archive in relation to the public sphere and theories of democracy, the notions of institution and instituting practice, interventions in the shifting urban condition, the philosophy and archaeology of media as well as the global flows of migration and media. Interventions focus on the urban and social condition of Patras, as it is influenced by a translocal dynamics which produces interrelations with other localities.

Participating artists: Yota Ioannidou, Maria Konti, Gregorios Pharmakis, Lina Theodorou, Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Vangelis Vlahos, and Nayia Yiakoumaki.

Texts by Arjun Appadurai, Ioannis Chorianopoulos, Wolfgang Ernst, Boris Groys, Elpida Karaba, Panos Kouros, Oliver Marchart, Gerald Raunig, and Saskia Sassen.

http://christoslialios.com/Project/archivepublic1.html http://www.cubearteditions.com/_books/ArchivePublic_1.html