Konstantinos Kosmas, Nestoras Skantzouris


organisation: Ctrl + Space

Konstantinos Kosmas, Nestoras Skantzouris (Alumni 2014)

" Genesis "

The construction of the topographic text, the restoration of vision and the primary instinct as it is found at the location of the vertical topography. The visualization, the completion, the symbolism. The geometry - visualization of the comprehension of the landscape, the monolith that completes the base of the stone hill, the triangle of the incessant movement. The water element - the womb, the circle of rest, symbol of life and purity, the face of the city, the view to the riverfront. The movement of man and the periodical changes of the water levels. Two timelines and two movements that act as counterpoint, they coexist but they don't cross. A synthesis of a circle and a line, the primal movement and the rotation of the universe.The presence of man creates the topos (place). The footprint of that presence is civilization.

The triangular monolith emerges from the river as a missing piece of the surrounding landscape. Now it seems complete. The newborn island cracks and reveals the lagoon, hidden in its core. Man inhabits the new riverbank with the help of small alterations of the solid through steps, paths and engraved markings. A landscape for human activity, a Topos.