Date: 30 / 09 / 2014

Design team: MVRDV / Rotterdam [Jacob van Rijs, Fokke Moerel, Roy Sieljes, Matteo Artico, Arian Lehner, Johannes Langer, David Jimenes, Mate Meszaros]; MorePlatz / Rotterdam/Munich [Johannes Schele, Caro Baumann, Konstantina Karampini / Alumnus 2010 of University of Patras]

Technical consulting: Buro Happold / Munich [Matthias Beck, Ron Manson, Thomas Kraubitz]

Mainz’s former industrial harbour is undergoing a transformation into an urban neighborhood of residential, commercial and leisure facilities. Located at the far southern end of the waterside basin, on the west bank of the river Rhine, the plot ‘Hafenspitze’ overlooks the current development, accommodating office space.

The ensemble consists of an eleven-storey high-rise tower, creating a landmark at the waterfront, and an elongated five-storey block with a roof garden, integrated by a public plaza at its center. Both buildings feature a similar design concept of the tapered plinth with flexible working environment viewing the street and the harbour; yet they distinguish themselves through their specific materialization, relevant to the local architecture of the old city of Mainz.

Organisation: CA Immo Deutschland GmbH