In the context of the Erasmus+ KA2/ΒΤ2 action, TAMPP has concluded the international cooperation project Sustainable Urban Space Pavilion [SUSPA] with collaborating institutions Cracow University of Technology (E10207496 - Poland) as Leading Organization, Politecnico di Milano (E10208971 - Italy) , the École Nationale d' Architecture Marrakech (E10082126 - Morocco) and the company Eurokreator T&C sp. z o.o. (E10056422 - Poland). The aim of the project is to formulate sustainable strategic proposals concerning urban and architectural interventions in four cities registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The first phase of the project concerns the research and recording of the vulnerability and the cultural and environmental particularities of the four study sites, while the second phase concerns the formulation of smaller or larger scale interventions that will support cultural and educational activities. Between 12-16 December 2022, the first workshop of the SUSPA collaboration on EHI - Eleusina Heritage, Industrial Area and Seascape was held in Athens and the Benaki Museum with the participation of 15 teachers and 24 undergraduate and postgraduate students from the Universities of Krakow, Milan and the Department of Architects of the University of Patras.