Ioannis Karras (ALUMNI 2007)

Project Title: Party Wall

We face the tense city elements as fragmented pieces of the urban solidity. Small plots, unusual party walls right next to humble ground houses and industrial ruins compose the intervention field of the city of Volos. We deny the creation of another cityscape background. Our main creation, seeks to compose a central spatial device; so to adapt on it human actions-reactions. Its sharply defined form as a result of the cross section forms anew the façade of the city. And as a thick wall it can define in a total new way the conditions between in-out, private-public, hidden-expressed… We create neither a surface nor a building. We introduce a pure functional space with the ability to redefine its own entity and recreate the existing site experience. As a final result we propose an environment which accomplishes a separate urban micro-community, being simultaneously in absolute exposure to its surroundings, facing the city as it can be is.