The Department of Architecture participates in the 13th International Architecture Exhibition Venice Biennale 2012

Commissioner/Curator of the Greek Participation titled MADE IN ATHENS is

Panos Dragonas, (Associate Professor) in collaboration with Anna Skiada.

among the participating Architects that exhibit their work:

Andreas Angelidakis, Assistant Professor to be appointed

Yannis Aesopos, Associate Professor (Aesopos Architecture)

Stella Daouti, Adjunct Lecturer (AREA Architecture)

Dimitra Katsota, Assistant Professor (Buerger Katsota Architects)

Student models for polykatoikias (apartment buildings) are presented at the 40.000 Hours exhibition at the Arsenale. Curators: Kostas Grivas, lecturer, Agapi Proimou, Lecturer to be appointed.

Finally, the Department will take part in the Biennale Sessions program by organizing a student workshop and presenting its results in Venice in October. Organization and teaching: Georgios Panetsos, Professor, Elias Constantopoulos and Vasiliki Petridou, Associate Professors and Panayotis Pagalos, Adjunct Lecturer.