Zacharoula Drogkari, Demetra Kotaki

DATE: 12 / 06 / 2015

Title: Oblivion, Memory, Interpretation: Open air museum in an abandoned 19th century settlement in western Greece

The diploma thesis aims to present the current state of an abandoned settlement through designs of the existing buildings, conducted after metric surveys as well as topographic mapping of the whole area. Considering our research , the proposal meets the issue of the immediate need for the settlement's protection and it also indicates the importance of preserving and enhancing the cultural heritage by intervening and designing an open air museum of local and supralocal scope.

The proposal consists of three different stages, first of which is the restoration of a part of the settlement. The restoration of the buildings was designed in a way that they can operate as museum exhibits. The second and most important intervention of the project is the visitors' route, which is plotted on axes shaping a triangle. The last stage of our proposal is the design of new buildings, which host facilities that are necessary for the museum's efficient operation throughout the year.