vasiliki kritsotaki

This project concerns the redevelopment of Heraklion city's coastline. The special characteristic of the coastal front are the different levels, which restore the lost relation between the city, the monuments and the sea.

The site is recognized through longitudinal and crosswise sections resetting the lost connection of monuments and sea. The current seamless level which prevails in the area, “breaks”, generating three zones. 1) the archeological sites 2) the outdoor peripatetic space connected with the culture and finally 3) the green zone. All of them are connected in different levels creating a sense of continuity in promenade.

Scheduled, the region will be separated in two poles, crossing in Dermata's Gate, related with tourism and culture. Two significations being in direct interaction. So, the use of Hostels returns back in Xenia's Square, while in the other side of bay the Natural History Museum is linked with the city through a municipal market.