Alexandra Tiligadi

What are the characteristics that could have a new type of public space, a place of commons?

The objective of this suggestion is the architecture and management of residual spaces between the natural and urban environment and the importance of collaborative planning for the shaping and construction of common places. This proposal is an urban experiment, creating a common place in the city of Patras, on the outskirts of Dassilio.

Different textures, sights and activities created situations and experiences in relation to the city and the ground.

The different situations are expressed by design confrontation of layers of ground and they are defined by 6 symbols (a. hug, b. exposure from everywhere, c. berm, d. cliff, e. enclosed spaces, f. paths).

Under present circumstances, the implementation process of a public space follows a specific linear process, where each step is performed by the corresponding competent institution. The proposed form of public space involves all participants i.e. the designer-architect, the State apparatus and the citizens at all stages.

The element of participatory process exists in all stages of implementation, which are: preparing | designing | building | using _ co-creating | living or abandoning.