Stefania - Aliksti Kapsaski

Why should a place within the web of a city not be used by the residents for further use other than the burial? Could cemeteries be places for mourning and non mourning people?

The aim of this thesis is to redefine the relationship between the city and the cemetery and the replacement of the cemeteries by green, open public spaces where people of all ages will find inspiration for life and prepare for the death.

The site chosen is located in Athens, at Kifissia and is situated between three municipalities Kifissia, Maroussi and Melissia. More specifically, the plot borders with the existing cemetery of Kifissia and the forest Alsos Suggrou. The proposal is an expansion of the existing cemetery that needs expansion.

The main objective is the smooth transition from the cemetery to the forest, converting the land into a hybrid space. The park seems to lose it’s strictly limits and spreads naturally at the landscape while the cemetery due to the high difference penetrates the subterranean land, tearing the earth and grows at a lower level.