Patty Kalou, Eirini Trachana

The wetland of Lefkada is one of the most important Greek wetlands. Searching for a deeper interpretation of the natural elements of the environment, this design thesis motivated us to make a research on the natural landscape. Admiring the beauty of the area, we tried to include all its elements in our design. Motivated by the natural earth patterns we studied them and designed using them as optimum way to approach the wetland. Interesting spots are considered to be the areas where the rare birds are gathered. Apart from the natural elements of the area, we were inspired also by historical landmarks. The old aqueduct was used as a passage and walk on the wetland during 16th century. As a result of combination of the elements of the area, we designed wooden routes over the surface of the water, based on the Voronoi pattern, as well as a research center.