Eugenia - Maria Makroglou, Aikaterini Christopoulou

Athens 2036. The center of Athens has been deserted. At building block 10 some traces of life still exist. New self-made machines that print three dimensional objects have sprawled from the little ground floor shop towards the whole building block.

At the production halls, the machines generate the production. They print complete objects from scratch.

At the Factory Tower, workers are designing the customers' orders. The production that is sprawling throughout the building block is controlled from here.

At the Information Tower, workers classify the customers' digital orders and requests. The Information Tower is the communication core between the factory production and consumption desires.

On the fourth level of the building block, the space reveals itself to the visitor.

On the roofs of Building Block 10 small, white residential constructions stand on the staircase rooms. The house on the top of the city reminds of a contemporary hut, printed by the resident himself.

Building Block 10 has become a machine itself. Its community produces and at the same time reproduces and determines itself. Athens became a machine of itself and flourished on the remains of its ruins.