The isolated Strofades island complex stands as an excellent example of unique ecological and historical importance. The medieval orthodox monastery, the weathered rocky coasts, the fertile soil and the various habitats are all a small part of it. The first leg of the islands’ activation is small scaled architectural interventions on Stamfani (south) Island according to special regulations of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos. These are the restoration of the Monastery - a completed research programme of the University of Patras – a house/outpost for the N.M.P.Z. guards, a small research centre and a survey for hiking paths. The second leg is the design of a Shelter or a “monastic analogy” on Harpyia (north) Island, for a maximum of 40 people, who would be eager to inhabit the “forgotten” island complex. By experiencing the nature forces and participating in the communal life, the dwellers carve out an alternate social structure on the partly artificial landscape.