stelios andrikopoulos

The basic axis of the proposal is the construction of a (public) hiking trail-an alternate hotel corridor- as a means of "acquainting" with the settlement and its surroundings. Small neighborhoods/blocks with personal and collective spaces and a central piazza can be encountered along this walk where the "artificial/social/cultural" and "natural" alternate continuously

Believing in the existence of the need for a "[ ... ] return to pure forms , to the archetypes of life" (A. Provelengios) the visitor -which is accustomed to an "urban culture"- is invited to revisit opinions , choices and decisions through his participation in an "other way" of experiencing living in the premises of the proposed building

This proposal wants also to become a statement regarding how the tourism industry is focusing on selling "topos" and nature only as a "romantic view". On the other hand, by reducing the elements of architecture with burying a large part of them underground, we want to disrupt the continuity of the landscape as little as possible, expressing that way our respect for the natural environment.