Michelangelo Antonioni's 'Zabriskie Point' is an introverted movie that evokes the psychic world of two young people: Max and Daria. Both envision the dissolution of modern world's ambitions, where capitalist investors meet to exploit the property of the American landscape. This dissolution is achieved by Daria's fantasy, where sequential explosions occur at Lee's luxury amenities and his modern villa. This house is designed by the architect: Hiram Hudson Benedict, in Boulder Reign, east of Carefree, near Phoenix (Arizona).

In this paper, I studied some areas of the house where Daria wanders, just a few minutes before its explosion. Various elements of the blast are installed and linked to some areas of the villa, indicating a certain 'lifestyle'. These sections of spaces and things are investigated for their meaning and symbolism. Because I have chosen general shots of spaces, camera has focal length 35 mm, covering a viewing angle of about 60 degrees.