Nikolina Lavda, Eirini Tsomokou

Perplexity has been noticed between the old and the new town in the centre of Naxos, while the dynamic of the intersection between them is missing and for this reason the creation of a special platform is suggested. At the same time, there are three conditions which converse, conflict and finally are interpreted as three vertical zones which express the old, the comtemporary and the memory, while concepts such as introversion and extroversion come to the fore. Talkingvolumes and movements compose the zones and are organized according to the topography of the area, sometimes two different scales appear and negotiate, others take advantage of the altitude differences and are hidden as foundations and others allow their parts to be revealed, involving concepts such as that of the 'viewer-performance' concept. The horizontal movements of the urban web which tend to reach the water element, create a correlation between the existing situation and our thinking. Finally, the sunken garden integrates and creates paradoxes. All these happen under the constant dialogue between contradictory and interrelated conditions (private -public) creating speculations about the cause and the result.