Ως θέμα της εργασίας δόθηκε ο σχεδιασμός της κατοικίας για την πρωταγωνίστρια της ταινίας The subject of our work is the design of a residence for the actress of the film “Something’s gotta give”. The design was based on a methology which attempted to relate structuring space to the resident’s autobiographical elements. This is a woman with a particular identity and an unconventional character.

The resident often walks by the sea in order to find her inspiration.This relationship between path-walking and inspiration is the central element of our proposal for the holiday residence in the greek landscape.

The plan expresses the resident’s disapprovalwith contractual social standards. A composition of furniture sculptures in particular geometry, resulting from the extension of components, characterized by the contradiction of natural and artificial element, both indoor and outdoor spaces. These structures enhance the resident’s life experience and ultimately lead to writing and capturing the view.