Georgia - Artemis Kakkou, Maria Marambea

It is the intention of our thesis to create a network that unifies existing sports facilities and landmarks within the study area, creating "sport flows". The network utilizes and highlights the qualities of the area for the benefit of residents, thus strengthening the sports character of the coastal front.

Challenges for the design are the boundaries bisecting the area into zones (the train line, the high speed freeways and the vegetation on both sides of the shores of Milichos).

In order to unite the zones with each other and the seafront we draw axes / stitches: the axis of the Marsh, of Milichos and Panachaiki. Joining them with routes parallel to the sea, enclosed networks are created.

In addition, both new train stops and organizing the existing ones is proposed, so that promptly union of the city with the network can be achieved.