Bettina Pavli, Theodora Papamichail

The design thesis concerns a new tram line which connects the suburban area of Rio with the new port of Patras.

The new tram line:

a) is sustainable and environmentally friendly

b) overcomes the existing boundaries and redefines its correlation with the urban grid and the city's waterfront c) creates new public spaces and landmarks d) develops along the existing railway zone. As a result, there is no waste of public space and funds for a new infrastructure. At the same time, the new line activates the dead zones surrounding the rail network.

The proposal involves five points of intervention. Regarding the two terminals, the Rio Station at the suburbs of the city and the South Port Station, the synthesis is organized on x axis. In contrast, in the intermediate stations, placed in the center of the city which is characterized by strong urban perceptions, the synthesis follows the y axis, creating a dialog and new connections among the urban landscape, the tram line and the city's waterfront.

The main intention of the proposal is to investigate and define the correlation of the typical tram platform with an extensive new public space which is organized around the new tram line.