Konstantinos Alexopoulos

The goal of this project is the decontamination of the area and its simultaneous reactivation through a new production process. The proposal is connected to the “Water Supply and Sewerage Company”, the “Public Power Corporation” of Keratsini and could potentially be connected to adjacent ex-industrial zones.

It consists of 3 parts:

-Ground interventions which gradually absorb the industrial chemical residues. These are the phytoremediation, a protective cap on the coastal zone and reed bed plants in clean areas for water filtration.

-An Anaerobic Digestion plant of residual products such as saturated phytoremediation plants, community’s organic wastes and sludge. The produced biogas could be transferred to the electrical company and to port’s ships.

-An infrastructure which connects the two prementioned interventions through the transportation of saturated plants and other products in the AD Plant; moreover, it is extended to the existing productive units of Keratsini and provides entrance in the site.