Vasiliki Kondyli

This project is directly related and based on research findings on neuromorphic architecture which was conducted prior to the design development. This urban design projects constitutes an experiment in applying an enriched environment in a real city context, the city of Patras. The design procedure starting from the main design directions to the details that satisfy the requirements of an enriched environment in practice. Two different age groups, the elderly and the children, are selected as target groups. Their common potential benefits from an enriched environment determined the design objectives that dictated the main circulation, as well as the main function allocation in the design field. Their differences suggested the development of two distinct and contrasting activity areas a) a static and b) a continuously transformed field. The key elements of the expected experience of the user, namely navigation, exploration, multi-sensory experience, social and sensory interaction. At design development phase; the same key elements were spatially translated into architectural features.