Maria Chasioti, Georgitsopoulou Ioanna

This design research studies the transformations of the abandoned Skalistiri mines at Euboea -GR. Due to the mining activity, the landscape has turned into a heterogeneous mixture of elements. Destroyed parts are adjacent to parts that have been gradually healed but even to purely natural ones.

After extensive mapping of the aforementioned landscape, instead of proposing a design strategy for its future, we turned to its past. We tried to study the human forces that acted on it and contributed to the formation of its current image. Our research result is a tripartite narrative that evolves linearly through time and refers to a complete circle of actions on the landscape caused by the mining activity. The same landscape is approached through its three different reflections on time, that are respectively described in each of the three parts of the narrative.

- the landscape as a field of strategic mapping

- the landscape as a transformative mechanism

- the landscape as a cognitive experience