Evgenia Antonaropoulou

The present proposal is exploring the idea of re-using a space made redundant and attempts to manage and showcase its qualities that are evidently present.

The area of research is situated on the second hill of the rocky hill complex of “Tourkovounia” between “Attiko” woodland and “Veikos” woodland and it’s consisted of the inactive quarries “Kekrops” and “Lato”. The altered landscape, combined with the expansion of inner city residential areas, has turned into a dumping site with a lost identity.

With the value of experiencing said space through our senses additionally using sense, I propose a linear reconnaissance walk and a remembrance site– a theme museum.

The walk of the senses serves two purposes : the enhancement of the experience we are currently having of this surreal landscape and the emergence of the scenic view of the city, but also the inner workings of the quarry.

During the course of the walk the only constructed elements that the visitor encounters are the amphitheatre and the quarry's theme museum.