Eleni Pashia

Nicosia of Cyprus is the last divided capital city of Europe.

Aim: the reactivation of local residents’ collective memory-GreekCypriots and TurkishCypriots, and the further regeneration of feelings about the future, the restoration of the shared past, the desire for Cyprus unification ... This will be achieved by dialogue and cooperation with each other but also by reflection, awakening, awareness of the existing national and spatial dismemberment of the country, through interactive processes of familiarisation of the public space.

Constructions of different scales [pavilion, urban furniture] create paths and lead the walker among decadent areas,military points and also there is the opportunity to observe the "other" side. Decisive guider of the city is the pedestrian path which consolidates intervention points. Furthermore, two central poles-pavilion at key points of high cultural value on both sides of Nicosia host seasonal events.

The structures provide services [fountain, wc, roofed relaxation space, information] and also can be used in various ways by residents: either support for lighting equipment, or support for panels of outdoor exhibition, either as a manufacturing support base of any other necessary construction for an event; a stage or a scenery. Also, temporary storage place is provided.